Sword in rock tour

Sword in rock tour From NOK 650



This trip start form Stavanger trainstation. Participants meet the guide outside the shop PAA HJUL, close to Stavanger trainstation. We will provide you with bike and helmet.  

From the Stavanger city center we heading beautiful Moswater lake. Along the water, you will experience abundant bird life and very nice surroundings. 


When arriving Three sword, Møllebukta bay, we will spend plenty of time walking around taking photos. 


The battle in Hafrsfjord

It was in Hafrsfjord that Harald Hårfagre fought a battle that collected Norway into one kingdom in 872 AD. Exact year of the battle is unknown, but is generally considered to have taken place between 870 and 900. We would recommend to bring some money for snacks at Is Paradice. They have tasty dishes, whether you want a burger or just a cake. s. 


We continued our trip along the famous Hafrsfjord. The track is very narrow, so look forward. I have to admit, the trip from the Møllebukta and along the fjord, is my favorite. Nice gardens and houses, small and some bigger ones. Very very nice.  


We will leave the fjord just before the Hafrsfjord brigde. There will be a short photo stop at the  petroglyphs at Fluberget. The petroglyphs of were discovered in 1879. It is today visible 170 figures and 80 pits.  We continue to the beautiful lake Stokkawater. The gravel road around the lake is very popular for runners, hikers and bikers. The last leg against Stavanger city center goes along nice building, also some famous, like Ledaal, the Norwegian Kings house in Stavanger. And of course, the finish line will be Old Stavanger.