Flørli 4444 - RIB & hike

Flørli 4444 - RIB & hike From NOK 1'290


Flørli 4444 - Lysefjord Safari + Self guided hike

Difficulty: Demanding. The hike is only suitable for people who are in good shape and have hiking experience. The hike is suitable for children above 10 years, if they have good hiking experience. Total distance: Total ascent: 780 metres.

Duration: 6 hours

When? 10:00 – 16:00 on days according to the booking calender

Where? Meet up and end location: Central Port of Stavanger (Vågen) , close to the fishmarket

What's Included? RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) trip with experienced and well trained crew, guiding and safetygear.

What To Bring? Proper hiking shoes, water, snacks, warm clothes and rainjacket in a small backpack. Cafeteria is open at Flørli.

Languages: English, Norwegian

Join us on a day-trip to Flørli, which boasts the world’s longest wooden staircase. Travel at high-speed (30 knots-55km/hour) on a ridged inflatable boat (RIB) from the quay in Stavanger, through the Lysefjord, and on to the former power plant village of Flørli. Take the long climb up 4,444 steps to the top of the mountainside and take in the spectacular fjord views.

Flørli, which has been inhabited on and off since at least the seventeenth century, is beautifully located amidst 1000-meter-high mountains along the southern shore of the Lysefjord.  In 1916, construction began on a hydro-electric power plant, which, from 1918 until 1950, supplied electricity to the city of Stavanger. At its peak (1917), 142 people were employed at the plant; quite an impressive number considering that only 13 permanent residences were ever built near the site.

This is a demanding 2.5-hour, ~3.2 km (round-trip) climb/hike with a total ascent of just over 750 meters.


A StartB FLØRLI 4444

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Your Fjord Events RIB guide will meet you at 10:00am at the Central Port of Stavanger (Vågen), near the fishmarket (Fisketorget). Here´s a map.

The tour ends at the Central Port of Stavanger (Vågen) at 16:00 (4:00pm)

More Difficult. Suitable for people of most ages – excluding children younger than 10 yrs. – who are in very good condition, and have previous hiking experience. Not suitable for people with knee injuries/are afraid of heights. (If you prefer not to climb the stairs, you may stay in the village of Flørli for sightseeing.) 

Join us on a day-trip to Flørli, which boasts the world’s longest wooden staircase. Travel at high-speed on a ridged inflatable boat (RIB) from the quay in Stavanger, through the Lysefjord, and on to the village of Flørli. Take a self-guided hike up 4,444 steps to the top of the mountainside, and enjoy the spectacular fjord views.

RIB Safari
After meeting the RIB crew at the quay in Stavanger (called Vågen), you’ll get suited up in lifejackets as well as comfortable, water-resistant outerwear. After a safety briefing, your group will board the RIB and be allocated a safe, comfortable seat. The crew will place your luggage and personal belongings in water-tight plastic bags for safe keeping.

Camera in-hand, your trip will begin with the RIB cruising slowly through Stavanger’s harbor. Once you pass under the bridge that connects the city to the Hundvåg islands, the RIB’s captain will dramatically increase the boat’s speed to 30 knots – 55km/hour. As you speed along, you’ll enjoy seaside views of the many mountains and waterfalls that flank the region’s spectacular fjords. If you’re lucky, your group will even catch glimpses of wildlife such as seals, porpoises, and sea eagles. The highlights of the RIB experience are the view of Preikestolen from sea level and being able to enter the narrow gap in the mountainside that leads to the Vegabond Cave.

4444 Hiking
After the 1.5-hour RIB experience, the crew will make landfall at the historic village of Flørli.  Paralleling old water pipes that, at first glance, seem to precariously cling to the mountainside, you’ll take a self-guided hike up Flørli’s 4,444 wooden steps. Reaching an elevation of 750 meters above sea-level, Flørli is the longest wooden staircase in the world. On the way up, you’ll enjoy jaw-dropping views of the Lysefjord and surrounding mountains. Though most hikers take the climb at a moderate pace, for some it will prove to be too physically demanding. If that’s the case, you’ll be able to ‘hop-off’ the stairs after the first 600 steps and follow a trail back down to the village.

After 2.5 hours, the RIB crew will meet you back at sea level, where everyone will have a chance to relax and enjoy something to eat (you’ll either bring a packed-lunch along, or enjoy some of the local food available at the village café). After the break, the RIB crew will give you high-speed transportation back to where you started, at Stavanger’s quay.

The trip ends in Stavanger at approximately 16:00 (4:00pm).

Included in the tour
High-speed RIB safari to/from Flørli
RIB crew/guides carrying navigation, safety, and emergency equipment
This is a SELF GUIDED HIKE, no guiding at Flørli included.


  • Soft action speedboat (RIB)trip
  • Safe and comfortable ride
  • Soft ergonomic personal jockey seats
  • Warm and comfortable floating suit, goggles and lifejacket included
  • Experienced crew at helm
  • The fastest and funniest way to explore the Lysefjord
  • Suitible for all people from age of 6 to 96
  • Stunning scenery
  • Wild life experiences (seals, small whales, eagles)
  • Visiting old power plant at Flørli. Cafeteria open
  • Climbing the worlds longest wooden staircase, 4444 steps
  • Alternative route, less demanding
  • Fantastic view on the top